7973b13b058ac00e4d2df72938b2a44b Health Benefits of MasturbationResearch has been done at many universities and health institutions about the positive benefits of regular sexual activity/release. This applies to both sex with a partner and masturbation. However the degree of difference in positive benefits between sex versus masturbation is not yet clear.

So, for the purpose of discussion here, we’re generally referring to orgasm. And a regular sexual appetite which would gain these benefits is between 2 – 7 orgasms a week respectively. More than that may not garner additional health benefits. But that’s no reason not to enjoy it anyway!

Health Benefits of Masturbation and Sex (as well as orgasm):

Long Life: more than 1 orgasm per week has been found in people who live a significantly longer life than those who have orgasms less frequently.

Less likely to develop breast cancer: breast cancer is found in men and women, and regular orgasms are found to play a role in preventing this type of cancer.

Healthy Heart: regular orgasms are found to link to people being 50% less likely to die from heart failure or coronary heart disease.

Healthy Immune system: regular sexual activity has been found to stimulate and strengthen the immune system, which helps us fight off colds, flu’s and other viruses.

Youthful Appearance: regular sexual activity has been found to help maintain a very young and youthful appearance in both genders.

Relieve Cramps: it helps relieve premenstrual and menstrual cramps.

Happier Mood: has been found to elevate our mood.

Reduces Embarrassment: reduces wet dreams and spontaneous erections in teen males.

Releases Body Tension: orgasm relieves tension in the body and on the nervous system.

Helps You Sleep: whether you have insomnia or just trouble sleeping sometimes, the release of endorphins is very calming and will help ease you into sleep.

Calms Your Cravings: sexual stimulation releases phenetylamine, which helps regulate your appetite.

Lose Weight: Sex burns calories! Especially if you have a very vigorous bout.

Pain Management: Can help reduce or eliminate pain (e.g. headaches, chronic pain, cramps, etc)

Safe Sex: Is a form of safe sex, and can be enjoyed with a partner without the concern of pregnancy or STDs/STIs.

Happy Marriage: Promotes higher levels of satisfaction in married couples.

Enhanced Sense of Smell: sexual activity releases prolactin, which stimulates the brain and enhances smell.

Reduces Depression: the absorption of semen by women has been found to reduce depression.

Bladder Control: You are doing kegels when you use the bathroom as well as during sex. So both are at play using the same muscles.

Prostate Health: regular sexual release has been linked to a reduction in chance for getting prostate cancer.

Fertility: regular sexual activity promotes fertility by regulating female menstrual cycles.

Good During Pregnancy: sexual activity has been found to protects against pre-mature birth and other problems in pregnancy/birth.

Reduces Suicide: Suicide has been found high among people who are celibate or have little or no sexual release. So the next time you’re feeling down… maybe you should get better acquainted with yourself.

Sexual Awareness: masturbation is how we first learn about our sexual nature, and plays a huge part in how we relate to others sexually. A good view on masturbation generally relates to a healthy view of sex.

Now, no one is saying risk pregnancy, or getting a disease or infection. But your sex life should be a full one. We recognize that we need to eat, breath, sleep, etc. But we can’t neglect our sexual desires. You can ALWAYS masturbate if you don’t have a willing partner at the ready. So take care of yourself, and your sexual needs.

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