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Note: You can contribute to the "Masturbation Stories" section. However, we are interested in true stories only, with an emphasis upon masturbation. Email us: HOWEVER, I'm always behind! It'll take awhile for your story to get posted; please be patient! Newest stories are always added to the top of this list. Be PATIENT! My "real job" prevents frequent updates. I'll post new stories when I can. This isn't a commercial site; it's strictly "volunteer" on the part of your webmaster. WARNING: These stories are explicit in their description of sexual activity and there are some that contain references to incest or involvement with animals.]

As of this year, we are trying to post ONLY those stories that primarily deal with masturbation. Why? Because I'm having to pay for more server space. You people have been writing a LOT - and now I'm having to be a bit more selective. Remember - it's primarily SOLO sex, either alone or with someone else. Other sex is ok, but your story should be true and feature masturbation as its main topic.

Check out our backlog of fantastic true masturbation stories -- perhaps the largest collection on the World Wide Web!

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