Female Masturbation Techniques

Female masturbation is just as important for women as it is for men. It’s healthy, it’s fun and it’s how we learn more about each other’s bodies. By understanding what turns a woman on men can become better lovers, which makes women more satisfied, and in turn, more open and willing to please their man. One of the favorite, most popular female sex toys is the Vibrator, and probably yours too.

Many feel men have the market cornered on masturbation but that’s no longer the case. More and more women are realizing masturbation is a good and healthy part of their lives at earlier ages than before. It was previously both religion and the taboos instilled by society that kept women unaware. But now that women are becoming sexual at a much younger age, and information about sex is everywhere it was only a matter of time.

However many women have problems with sex which stems from their understanding and beliefs about their own sexuality. It’s not dirty or something to be ashamed of. It’s perfectly natural. It’s through masturbation that we initially learn about our own sexuality. So if we have any negative thoughts about this behavior it will transfer to sex with a partner.

So relax. Spend some time getting to know yourself. Have you ever looked at yourself closely, in the mirror? Take a look I’m SERIOUS. Don’t worry, if it doesn’t look perfect it never will. Every vagina is unique, in it’s shape, color and size. Men have the same concerns about how their penis looks. So just relax, these thoughts are natural. The sooner you become comfortable with who you are the better.

I bet you’re looking for the good stuff now, huh? Ok well look no further ladies. There are plenty of ways to toot your horn. So without further ado:

Female Masturbation Technique #1: Rubbing

Gently and then vigorously rubbing your hand (or something else) against your vaginal lips. But remember your clit is one of your sweet spots.

Female Masturbation Technique #2: Shower head

Many showerheads today have many different settings. You can have a nice relaxing shower. Just set the temperature the way you like it and play with the showerhead settings. Hold on tight it may surprise you!

Female Masturbation Technique #3: Facet water

similar to the previous one this is more intense. Prop yourself under the tub faucet and turn on the water. Start with something cool, and gentle to start. As things start to heat up adjust the water temperature and pressure. ENJOY!

Female Masturbation Technique #4: Dig-Dug

Use your hand, dildo or some other friendly object and dig into yourself as if you were looking for treasure. Depending on how wet you get lube may be a good idea here.

Female Masturbation Technique #5: Video Game Vibrator

Yes video games are good for many things. Ever notice how many newer video games have vibrating controllers? One well known game to try this out with is Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation. Go into the game menu and play with the vibration setting and hold the controller between your legs. It can be a wild ride.

Female Masturbation Technique #6: Penetration

This can be great for masturbation especially if you have a good toy to help you hit your G-spot. Not sure where it is? It’s generally inside and upwards. There are plenty of toys designed with this in mind, so have a look at our toys section and see what interests you

Female Masturbation Technique #7: Grinding

Now this is a simple one as you can grind on many things like your bed post or against your chair. If you’re lying down? Try grasping a sheet or your pillow tightly between your legs and rock back and forth while pulling it up and down. Mmm and when you’re done you can just roll over and have a nap.

Female Masturbation Technique #8: Wonder Beads

Find a beaded necklace, similar to the ones thrown around freely at Mardi Gras. Now, lace them in between your legs, with one hand in front and one hand behind you. Now rock yourself to climax. Now you’ll really work for those beads at Mardi Gras!

Female Masturbation Technique #9: Sculpted Dildo

Go to your local art store and buy some plastiline clay. It’s a grey clay that comes in 4lb blacks. Mold this clay into any shape and size dildo you want. Then slap a condom on it, and you’re good to go. The great thing is that it feels very realistic and you can remold it into anything you like.

Female Masturbation Technique #10: Baster Blaster

Find a simple household turkey baster and remove the rubber bulb. Now put it on your clit. Squeeze and release. It really feels like someone is sucking on your pussy.

Female Masturbation Technique #11: Magic Fingers

Put a condom or rubber band over 3-4 fingers. Now you can vigorously penetrate yourself with them while playing with your clit, breasts or anus with the other hand.

Female Masturbation Technique #12: The Dynamic Duo

Grab your favorite lubed up dildo, and slide it inside yourself. Then, when you really start feeling the heat grab a vibrator and place it directly on your clit. Now, how many orgasms can you handle?

Female Masturbation Technique #13: Brush Buddy

We’re all familiar with those hair brushes with the ridged rubbery handles right? Well now it can do more than just brush your hair! Stick the handle inside your pussy, and really pump it. The handle is a nice size, and the hand grip feels WONDERFUL.

Female Masturbation Technique #14: Icy Bliss

Place an ice cube or 2 inside your vagina, and proceed to rub yourself til climax. The combination of COLD, and HOT will drive you crazy!

Female Masturbation Technique #15: Double your pleasure, double your fun

Grab a 2 headed neck or back massager. Place it both on your clit and towards the bottom of your vagina. Now sit someplace comfortable (maybe a rocking chair) and rock yourself silly.

Female Masturbation Technique #16: Seductive Reflection

Does it turn you on to see a woman in complete bliss (like in porn for example)? Well, here’s something to satisfy your hunger. Next time you feel like masturbating, sit in front of a tall mirror, OR video tape yourself and play it back. mmmm seeing yourself in so much pleasure will definitely bring you over the edge.

Intense Female Multiple Orgasms via Masturbation

As for intensity and multiple orgasms? For some this is discovered instinctively and for others it must be learned. But trust me it’s a rewarding experience. You just have to understand your body and work with it.

For some women they can continue to stimulate themselves even after orgasm, so this is one way to hit multiple orgasms. If this doesn’t work for you, try bringing yourself as close as possible to orgasm, and then stop, and relax. Take a few deep breaths, and then start again. After doing this a few times finish yourself off vigorously, which can mean very fast and rough, penetration, etc. Just make sure no one is around, as you may not be able to contain yourself!

Regarding intensity, you should focus on the duration and intensity of your stimulation. If you are only stimulated in 1 place, and you climax quickly you may not be reaching the peak you want. Try building yourself up first. Really spend some time making yourself hot. As you continue alternate between different stimulations. Maybe you want to focus on your vaginal lips, then your clitoris, then penetration, and then perhaps your breasts or anus. Then combine these things as you increase intensity. Soon enough your legs will be quivering enough to start an earthquake!

Now there are many more ways to masturbate, (such as using vibrators like the Rabbit) and remember, you don’t have to do it alone. But if you’re looking for information on sex toys, check out our female sex toy guide. You can do it side by side with someone, you can watch each other, or you can focus on manually stimulating them, while they are focused on you. Just be comfortable and creative!