Male Masturbation Techniques

Guys – now even though most of us find 1 way we are comfortable masturbating and focus on just that, there are other tricks of the trade…or dare I say…Advance Male Masturbation Techniques you can use to spice up your session of self love. But this has many uses. If you are a woman looking how to better give her man a hand. You’ve come to the right place.

Now it’s true, you can always depend on your hand to bring you a little pleasure. But what if I told you there was a better way that was just as reliable? What if I told you that you could masturbate and enjoy the soft sensual touch of lips swallow you, and suck you dry? Or masturbate and enjoy the tight, wet and gripping sensation of a woman? And what if I told you that you could masturbate in a way that wouldn’t desensitize you due to the grip of your hand? As a matter of fact it can help you regain that sensitivity.

Well then I have something you are guaranteed to love, and it’s called the Fleshlight. What is it? It’s a discrete looking portable masturbation tool. Investigate it for yourself as we have a wealth of information on it. But let me just say this… The Fleshlight feels just like having a soft wet mouth devour you and suck you dry, as well as the wet grip of a woman that feels tighter and tighter the closer and CLOSER you get to orgasm. Go ahead, have a look. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Custom made to feel just like a woman whether you’re in the mood for a blowjob, vaginal sex, or anal sex… or if you want something truely unnatural and mindblowing. The Fleshlight comes in a discreet looking oversized flashlight casing, but it opens to reveal the orifice of your chosing. Worried about how tight it is? Fret not!

Whether you want it loose and smooth, or so tight it will choke your chicken, there’s a Fleshlight with your name on it. And ladies, do you have a few toys in your collection but want to find something for your man? Well the Fleshlight is the perfect choice for his 1st or 5th toy. The Fleshlight is so realistic feeling that even YOU will be impressed!

But it doesn’t stop there. They also carry some other well known toys like aneros, and the pearl rabbit. If you’re looking for more information on the Fleshlight, look no further. We have a wealth of information over in the Fleshlight Section.

In the meantime, check out the Top 16 Male Masterbation Techniques!

Male Masturbation Technique #1: Switch hitter

Use your non-dominant hand. it can actually teach you a trick or two. It may be difficult at first, but stick with it.

Male Masturbation Technique #2: Double your pleasure

Use both hands, one on top of the other and proceed to stroke yourself til you’re flying.

Male Masturbation Technique #3: Endless Stroke

Follow each hand with the other so it feels like one never ending stroke. Endlessly stroking downwards until you climax.

Male Masturbation Technique #4: Endless Pull

This is similar to the endless stroke however you want to be doing it in reverse. Continually stroke your shaft upwards. One hand following the next.

Male Masturbation Technique #5: Prostate Stimulation (AKA Male G Spot)

During masturbation you can stimulate your prostate in 2 ways: insert a finger or toy into your anus and have it curve inwards toward your stomach OR firmly yet gently rub, press, and massage the area between your testicles (balls) and your anus.

Male Masturbation Technique #6: Hip Movement

Instead of making your hand do the work, keep your hand steady and grind your hips into your hand. This can be done in numerous different positions.

Male Masturbation Technique #7: Backhand

Use your hand(s) with your palm(s) facing outwards instead of inwards

Male Masturbation Technique #8: Icy Hot

Masturbate as you normally would and then grab some cold ice in your other hand when you’re close to climax. The hot and cold in either hands during your climax will give you some unique sensations!

Male Masturbation Technique #9: Petroleum jelly in a zip lock bag

Use this and pump away, holding the bag firmly around you so it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s a nice feeling, plus no cleanup!

Male Masturbation Technique #10: No hand Finish

When you feel you are about to cum, pull your hands away, and push it out using only your pelvic muscles. It sounds hard, but trust me, you’ll get it. Once you get the hang of it you’ll have an amazing orgasm… just watch where you point that thing!

Male Masturbation Technique #11: The Squat

Squat down as far as you can. Now masturbate as you normally would. This position will give you a rush unlike when you are standing sitting or laying down. You’ll cum FAST, and with a heavy load!

Male Masturbation Technique #12: 2 Handed Special

Place 2 (or 4 if you can handle it) fingers in your anus and move them back and forth in a walking motion. Now, jerk off with a slow start, but finish strong. You’ll be amazed!

Male Masturbation Technique #13: Shower Head Blast

If you have a good shower head, aim it at your asshole as you’re getting closer to orgasm. The sensation will literally rush the cum from you.

Male Masturbation Technique #14: All bases covered

Sit on your hand with your thumb holding the base of your shaft. Insert a finger into your anus. And use your free hand to masturbate. Beat it to your heart’s content.

Male Masturbation Technique #15: Sac Tug

To enhance the sensation while masturbating gently rub, and then tug your balls. It will feel like sliding into a nice TIGHT pussy.

Male Masturbation Technique #16: Pillow Plow

Place a few pillows out over your bed with a blanket covering them. Put vasaline, lotion, or your favorite lube on your hand and go to town. Laying face down on the pillows fuck away. It will feel like someone under you, and your slick hand will feel very inviting and warm under there.

How To Clean Up After Masterbation

As for clean up, where would we be without a good tissue or paper towel? Tissues are nice and soft but paper towels have that EXTRA absorbency! But then again, who needs to clean up if you plan to have some fun in the shower?

So, let your mind wander, experiment, ENJOY yourself. There are many tools and tricks of the trade, so get familiar with them. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with yourself, now aren’t you?

Just thought you should know:

Many men have been found to masturbate as a reward for something, or to compensate when they do not have a girlfriend. However this doesn’t have to be the case. Masturbation is a healthy and great thing to do. It can even be arousing to just masturbate and let your partner watch. She may be so enticed that she won’t let you finish the job and will feel compelled to jump in!

But it’s also relaxing and a good way to start and/or end the day. Many have been found to feel a lot less stressed and have fewer or no headaches when masturbating regularly (as in few times a week to daily). So don’t worry so much about it. Masturbation is healthy, normal and GOOD for you. HAVE AT IT, and CHOKE THAT CHICKEN!!