Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is just as much about having fun as it is learning about each other. You can do so by watching each other, manually stimulating each other with your hands, using toys on each other, or having phone and cyber sex.

Now you might ask why use toys if you have a real man and woman right there. Well, toys aren’t simply for single people. You can use toys to tease each other during foreplay, or even to help give your partner multiple orgasms. It’s all about fun right?

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Mutual masturbation is when you and a partner(s) sexually stimulate yourselves and/or your partner. This is considered safe sex and with the development of the internet mutual masturbation has found a partner in cybersex.

Mutual masturbation includes: lovers masturbating while watching their partner, manually stimulating their partner while their partner stimulates them (handjob, fingering), as well as outer-course or dry sex which is grinding and humping while wearing clothes.

Cyber sex as well as phone sex fits into this because it allows partners to masturbate while listening and/or watching each other. This also includes describing personal fantasies, in order to arouse yourself and your partner.

Since mutual masturbation is considered safe sex it is a great way for couples to feel the closeness of intimacy without worrying about the consequences that come with penetrative sex. It’s also a great learning experience and can be used as foreplay for the main event!

Show and Tell

This is ideal for couples who are in a relationship but not ready for sex. The idea is to enjoy each others bodies and the experience, while knowing you’re both safe and will no doubt become extremely aroused… and climax. You can do this by sitting or laying side by side, facing each other, or watching one at a time. The orgasms are definitely powerful as having someone watch you is a very erotic experience especially seeing how much it turns them on.

Toying Around

This is your opportunity to try toys within your sexual relationship. Many of us feel awkward using toys. But we shouldn’t. Think of it as a learning experience and enjoy yourself. It’s a good idea to remember not to share toys though, as that is not safe.

You want to each use your own toy, unless you’re in a committed relationship, and have both been tested. It’s just a mind blowing experience because you may not know what to expect from the toy, or how your partner will use it.

Inexperienced with toys and not sure what to get? That’s ok. The Fleshlight is a toy for men that can feel as real as the touch of a woman (oral, anal or vaginal), or give a man sensations that our out of this world. And just so women don’t feel left out they also carry the world famous rabbit, along with a few other well loved female sex toys. Sex, and masturbation is about fun, learning and getting your jollies. Why not indulge in something that will really make you both smile?

Teach Me

Mutual Masturbation is one of the best ways to teach your partner what you like. You can masturbate as they watch, or guide their hands and show them where and how you like it.

Double the Pleasure

This is where you use what you’ve learned. Find a comfortable position and enjoy pleasing your partner while they are focused on you.

Fun in the Tub

Masturbation is also great in the shower, but you didn’t me to tell you that. Try involving your partner though. They can watch as you wash and pleasure yourself, or you can join each other in the shower or bath and enjoy holding, and fondling each other as you reach down low and make your lover moan and howl your name.

Cyber Sex & Phone Sex

This can involve speaking, watching and/or texting your lover your fantasies or simply describing what you are doing. This is great for people who aren’t in the same place but still want to enjoy some sexual release.

Many of you may be thinking, what’s the point? Well, to really get into this type of sexual experience you should try to mentally and/or emotionally focus on what you want and your partner. If you normally can’t wait to get your hands on your partner, this can be just another means you have to enjoy each other.

Cyber Sex can be different than phone sex depending on how you approach it. You can rely just on text, or add voice and video chat into the mix. This can make the experience feel more personal and realistic.

Remember, mutual masturbation can be fun, intimate, safe (safe sex), as well as an exciting new experience. Enjoy yourself and your partner, and have FUN.